Evaluation Services

In addition to doing internal evaluations of its own projects, McCreary carries out independent evaluations for other non-profit agencies.

McCreary adopts a collaborative and flexible approach to evaluations, with the programs being evaluated ultimately deciding on the evaluation approach best suited to meet their needs and goals. All measures and tools are developed in consultation with the organization and other relevant stakeholders, including youth, and modifications are made based on their feedback.

In line with established Canadian research ethics protocols, we adhere to data collection and storage procedures that ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of all participants. We also present data in such a way that individual participants cannot be identified.

McCreary does not use an organization’s evaluation data for purposes other than those agreed to at the outset, without permission of the organization. McCreary also does not share or release an organization’s evaluation results to a third party, without that organization’s consent. 

For more information about McCreary's evaluation services, please contact evaluation@mcs.bc.ca