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Clearing the Air: A youth-led research project about vaping - I added this to demonstrate editing

The Vaping Research Slam was a fast-paced weekend project during which YRA members and other young people investigated vaping among BC youth. Over two days, youth discussed their views on vaping; generated ideas to support youth who vape and to share the potential risks of vaping with their peers; analyzed data from the BC Adolescent Health Survey, and presented their findings and key messages to stakeholders. - I added this to demonstrate editing


Food and mood: A youth-led study into nutrition and mental health

Over Spring Break 2018, the Youth Research Academy hosted the second annual Research Slam. Participants analyzed data from the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey (BC AHS) relating to nutrition and mental health, and created their own survey to answer questions not addressed in the BC AHS. This report shares the results of that survey as well as recommendations to improve nutrition and mental health among young people.


Starting a conversation: An upstream approach to reducing potentially harmful substance use among BC youth

This report considers ways that potentially harmful substance use among BC youth can be addressed by taking an upstream approach that focuses on building internal and external protective factors, rather than specifically on preventing the early or excessive use of psychoactive substances. A summary of the report is available to download