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Youth Research Academy

The Youth Research Academy is hiring Research Assistants

Learn to design, develop and deliver research projects for youth in and from government care and the agencies that serve you.

What: Research Assistant position, $13 per hour, no previous experience needed

Who: Youth ages 16-24 with government care experience (e.g., foster home, group home, youth custody centre), or on a Youth Agreement

When: July 2018–March 2019, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00–4:30PM and occasional weekends

Where: McCreary Centre Society, 3552 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

To apply, fill out the online form here.

For more information, contact Katie at, or 604-291-1996 ext. 233.

For a detailed job description, click here.

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More than Grades

As part of a larger project conducted by the BC Office of the Representative for Children and Youth, McCreary and the YRA were asked to capture the perspectives of youth in and from government care with respect to the barriers and supports they experience in achieving educational success.

For this project, the YRA took lead responsibility for analyzing the quantitative data collected through surveys, and participated in qualitative analysis of open-ended survey questions. In addition, they worked together to select the key findings. They also took the results back to youth who had participated in the survey to get their perspectives on the findings, and are continuing to share the results with young people and adults through presentations and workshops.

Download the report here.

Click here to download a copy of the Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers' Association Fall 2017 newsletter, which features recommendations from the project written by members of the YRA.

Download 'Room for Improvement', the full report from the BC Office of the Representative for Children and Youth here.

The report includes input from individuals in the school and care systems, such as teachers, social workers and foster parents. It also includes youth input gathered by McCreary and the YRA.

The report shares suggestions from project participants and identifies areas in which children and youth in care can be better supported in their educational achievement.

Click here to download a 4-page summary of the report.

Youth Research Slam project investigates nutrition and mental health

Over spring break, 17 young people took part in the Youth Research Slam to create and deliver a research project about nutrition and mental health. Participants analyzed data from the BC Adolescent Health Survey and created their own survey to ask youth about their experiences with nutrition and mental health. They then analyze the data from 79 completed surveys and pulled out key findings for a report.

A workshop toolkit is being created to share the findings with youth groups and begin a dialogue about nutrition and mental health. The toolkit will build on a workshop created following the 2017 Research Slam which investigated stress and coping among youth.

For more information on this youth-led project, or to book a workshop, please contact

About the YRA

The YRA is a group of youth aged 16 to 24 with experience of the government care system. Members of the YRA are trained to conduct research projects of interest to youth in and from government care and the agencies that serve them.