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Collective Impact

About Collective Impact - YAOCV

About Collective Impact - Youth Aging Out Of Care Vancouver

A young person's introduction to Collective Impact:

Collective impact is a concept that helps communities build a shared vision for impact on very complex social issues such as youth aging out of care. It works towards bringing together different organizations, governments and members of community to achieve long lasting change that could not be done otherwise.

Phase Two

Collective Impact

We are excited to be moving into Phase Two of this process. The goals for this phase are:

Phase One

Collective Impact - Phase One


Since April 2014, more than 40 organizations and approximately 20 youth have been steadfast in their commitment to a unified approach by participating in gatherings. The first year of Phase 1 consisted of workshops introducing the concept of collective impact that captured the interest of many stakeholders. The small group of influential champions originally came together to talk about youth homelessness and by the end of 2014 the common issue of youth transitioning from foster care had emerged.