Summer Student positions

Research Assistant

McCreary is looking for a summer student with an interest in youth health to work with a staff mentor as part of a team to analyze BC Adolescent Health Survey data using SPSS for Windows and prepare community reports of the findings.

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TRRUST Initiatives Coordinator

TRRUST is looking for a summer student to support the work of the collective. The position will undertake targeted projects related to the ongoing work of the collective and the recruitment and retention of Collective Young Leaders (CYL).

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McCreary is hiring a Métis Youth Health Researcher.

Métis Youth Health Researcher

In consultation with Métis communities, the Métis Youth Health Researcher will analyze the responses of Métis students who completed the 2008, 2013 and 2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey (BC AHS), and produce a community-friendly report that will be used to assist Métis communities and government agencies in planning policies and programs for Métis young people in BC.

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