Research and Action for Youth Health

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Literature Reviews


Increasing the engagement of youth with concurrent disorders and their families

This literature review aims to identify promising practices for engaging youth experiencing concurrent disorders and their families in treatment programs, as well as in broader service development and delivery. Concurrent disorders refer to any combination of mental health and substance use disorders.

It also aims to identify innovative approaches, programs and resources which focus on engaging and supporting youth to stay connected to their families/caregivers and communities.

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Promoting positive mental health among youth in transition

McCreary produced a literature review of programs designed to promote youth mental health for Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House in Vancouver. This literature review focused on evaluations of community-based programs that promoted positive mental health among youth in transition into and out of adolescence.

The most successful programs focused on positive rather than negative outcomes, allowed youth to develop skills and competencies, enhanced connectedness, and provided opportunities for youth to contribute to their community.

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Evidence for healthy child and youth development

There is a large body of research focused on effective interventions to prevent and reduce risk, but evidence about public health interventions to promote healthy development is much less common. Healthy child and youth development represents a shift towards interventions that enhance and facilitate adaptive qualities in youth, and away from interventions that reduce risk factors and negative behaviours. This report features a review of these public health interventions, and highlights particular programs that have a strong body of evidence to support their strategies.

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