TRRUST Opportunities

TRRUST Emergency Youth Housing Subsidy Relaunched

The TRRUST Emergency Youth Housing Subsidy is one-time funding available to youth (up to age 30). The funding is being distributed in partnership with Directions Youth Services to youth who:

  1. Have recently aged out of government care, or are aging out in the near future,
  2. Have a connection to Vancouver (i.e. live or work there, were in care in Vancouver, or frequently access direct services there - such as a transition worker or housing worker), and
  3. Need immediate financial support for housing-related needs.

Typical grants awarded range from $200-$1,000. These subsidies are intended to support immediate and emergency housing needs for youth, and we will be prioritizing applications from those at risk of eviction or youth getting out of homelessness. Items or services that may be requested include but are not limited to:

  • Damage/utility fees
  • Arrears and emergency payments
  • Damage deposits, including pet deposits
  • Essential furniture items

Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis, and we aim to contact applicants within 5 business days of receiving their application. If approved, we aim to send funds out within 2 weeks. For more information about the subsidy and application process, or for support filling out this application, please contact

To apply for the TRRUST Emergency Youth Housing Subsidy, click here.

Join the CYL

Recruiting Collective Young Leaders

The CYL is a diverse group that provides leadership for the TRRUST Initiative in collaboration with the Strategic Advisory. Our voices inform all decisions and aspects of the initiative.

Qualities of CYL members: Dependability and dedication are important as the CYL is only as strong as the combination of its members and each member is a vital part of the CYL; Respect for divergent viewpoints is important, as the CYL will have different perspectives on issues. Everyone should feel able to contribute to the CYL’s discussions and debates; Respect for personal boundaries and freedoms should also be shown, through respecting the personal choices of others and enhancing personal dignity.

CYL members receive honorariums and transit support for their participation.

To learn more and apply, please contact Erica Mark at

Graduation Fund

The graduation fund is designed to ensure every student preparing for graduation has equal opportunity to take part in their grad experiences. Grants of up to $300 are available to youth in and from government care in Vancouver to celebrate this achievement (such as purchasing photos and yearbooks; buying an outfit; paying for hair and makeup).

You can find the graduation fund application form here, which can be submitted to Erica Mark at

Opportunity Fund

The opportunity fund is available for young people who are in or from government care who could use funding for extracurricular activities. Successful applications will receive up to $200 to support engagement in meaningful experiences. Past applicants have used this funding towards yoga classes, martial arts lessons, boxing supplies, and many more items and experiences!

You can find the opportunity fund application form here, which can be submitted to Erica Mark at


The date for the next collective gathering will be announced soon. The collective gathering is an opportunity for everyone involved with TRRUST to come together, network, ask questions, and offer input and ideas. Each cluster presents on what they have been working on between gatherings, and a keynote speaker presents to the entire collective.

For more information or to join us, please check back here or contact Erica Mark at

Join the Community

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about TRRUST or working with us, please connect with Erica Mark, CI-TRRUST Project Manager,

To stay up to date on events hosted by some of our partners, or share your own opportunities with the collective community, please contact to sign up for our distribution list! We send out a weekly newsletter featuring upcoming events, programs, and other opportunities for youth and service providers.

The information on this page is developed and maintained by members of TRRUST Collective Impact.