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13th Annual Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges (B4) Youth Health Conference

McCreary's Youth Advisory Council held the 13th Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges (B4) by-youth-for-youth health conference on March 19-21, 2010 at Camp Sasamaat. This B4 focussed on developing healthy relationship. Workshops covered topics such as sexual health, overcoming violence and promoting mental health. The conference also provided opportunities for youth to develop skills in film making. The B4 was a great opportunity for youth to build skills and also to network with youth from all over BC and to have a lot of fun.

Previous B4 Conferences have explored the themes of the Global Individual and included workshops on topics like the anti-violence movement, media awareness, healthy community development, self-expression and leadership. 


What is the B4 Experience?

In the summer of 2002, the YAC conducted an evaluation of the 2002 B4 by contacting each participant and asking them to discuss the impact the B4 had. Here is a sample of what participants said:
What did participants think the B4 was about?
"Helping youth to express themselves and to be there for them. Building a centre of resources for youth."
"Learning about everything around us that we're not aware of."
How did the B4 impact participants?
"It changed my perspectives and how I lived my life just by knowing that there was no limits to what I can do except for the ones that I make."
"The information I obtained has affected my views on issues and also the people I met."
What did participants learn?
"I learned a lot about people and different situations through workshops."
"In every workshop, I gained a new skill."
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